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USYS-E KMC District Charter Request Print


US Youth Soccer Europe – Kaiserslautern (USYSEK)


Be it known in accordance with Air Force Instruction 34-223, Private Organizations (PO) Program, a charter is hereby granted to the USYSEK to operate on Ramstein Air Base, Vogelweh and Kapaun Air Station as a private organization for the expressed purposes and objectives stated in the organization’s constitution and bylaws.  This charter’s authority to operate and will be contingent on, but not limited to, the following conditions:


Activities of the organization will not prejudice or discredit the interest of the Air Force or any other government agency; and that these activities must be in accordance with all DoD and Air Force directives and, since most private organizations are not protected under the SOFA, the organization may also be subject to applicable host nation laws.


The private organization or its related activities will not be conducted in the name of the Air Force, its installations, or other DoD organizations. Private organizations are not a part of or associated with any 86th Airlift Wing (86 AW) organization and are not authorized logistical support, unless approved by the installation commander.  Private organizations are officially monitored by the 86th Force Support Squadron (86 FSS).


The private organization will be financially self-sustaining and funds generated within the association will come solely from authorized activities of the members and will be used solely for approved objectives.  Resale activities on base will not be conducted without the approval of 86 AW/CC.  Requests must be forwarded to the 86 FSS Private Organization Office (86 FSS/FSRLPO) well in advance of any programmed resale activities or other fund raising endeavors.


Neither the Air Force nor any nonappropriated fund will claim the assets or incur the obligations of the private organization or its funds, except as may arise out of contractual relationship.


The private organization will not engage in programs that conflict or compete with AAFES, DeCA, 86 FSS or other appropriated or nonappropriated fund activities as, described in pertinent Air Force directives.


The constitution and by-laws, other charters, or articles of agreement of the organization at all times will establish the nature and function of the organization, will provide for accountability and responsibility of funds, and will provide for disposing of residual assets and liabilities when the association is dissolved.  A current copy of such will be on file with 86 FSS/FSRLPO, Bldg 2118, DSN 480-8728/6190.


The organization will ensure appointed officers are familiar with the requirements outlined in this charter and AFI 34-223. Renewal of this charter if kept current is every 2 years and is the responsibility of the private organization.


The private organization will provide 86 FSS/FSRLPO with monthly financial statements and meeting minutes no later than the fifteenth (15th) calendar day of the next month.  The yearly (annual) financial report is due NLT the 15th of the following month of the date of the organization’s financial year. This report must cover a 12 month period.


Failure to comply with the provisions of Air Force Instruction 34-223 and/or the conditions set forth above will be grounds for revocation or suspension of the charter.


Granted 9 Dec 2015  at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, and must be renewed two years from date granted. 

Digitally signed by JUELL.CURTIS.G.1137213776 DN: c=US, o=U.S. Government, ou=DoD, ou=PKI, ou=USAF,  cn=JUELL.CURTIS.G.1137213776  Date: 2015.12.09 10:43:52 +01'00'


Commander, 86th Mission Support Group

“This is a private organization. It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.”

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